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100% of profits from Chapter One will help end global poverty by funding the future of Thankyou. How much are you willing to invest in an idea that could change the course of history?
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Thankyou Baby
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Top Secret Project
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Thankyou Baby - $600,000+
Fully Funded - March 2016

Every 90 seconds a mother dies in childbirth

...while millions of babies die in their first month of life because of limited access to basic healthcare. That’s why we’ve been hard at work with some of Australia’s and the world’s leading experts to develop a game-changing range of top-notch nappies (disposable and reusable) and beautiful baby soft body care products, with 100% of the profits helping to fund health programs for mums and bubs in need.

We’ve developed the concepts. We’ve even got supermarkets interested in taking it (super exciting). Now for the final hurdle – the funding to launch!

Final testing and certifications - $120,000
Marketing / launch costs - $360,000
Game-changing secret announced on launch for baby range - $100,000

*$600,000 is a fraction of what’s required to compete with the big baby brands, but we’re not afraid of a challenge! To put things into perspective, the current market leader spends around $10 million a year in marketing. We were told the number one brand of nappies in the world has failed about eight launches in Australia, but with a small amount of funds and a movement of people we can pull this off.


If things go “ok”, we aim to raise over $2 million for infant and maternal health projects in the first 3 years.

If things go awesomely, we think we’ll be able to raise over $15 million dollars for projects in the first 3 years. Helping hundreds and thousands of mothers and babies in need around the world.

Thankyou New Zealand - $600,000+
Fully Funded - March 2016

Why Thankyou New Zealand?

Could Thankyou start in another country from the ground up and work? We’ve decided to throw this question to our Kiwi friends to answer.

We’ve done the sums and we’re confident we can pull off the launch of Thankyou NZ with $600,000. With this amount to kick things off, we can get more staff set up on the ground, cover initial production and setup costs, and have funding left over for the EPIC launch campaign. Yep, we’ve been working on the Thankyou NZ Campaign and it will be our boldest one to date…ALL because of you! Thanks to your support we raised $600,000 to launch into New Zealand and we’re pretty pumped about it. IF we can hit this funding milestone!

Stay tuned for the leap over in late 2017!

'My Next Chapter' Journal
If life is a book, then what’s your next chapter?
The perfect accompaniment to your copy of Chapter One - this journal is for you to pause, reflect and get your ideas down on paper so that you can transform your dreams into reality.
• 120 pages of open space to sketch or write
• Inspirational quotes from Chapter One to challenge your thinking and dream big
• Sneak peak into a sketch from Daniel Flynn’s journal of the beginnings of the Chapter One campaign idea
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About The Book

CHAPTER ONE is a story of epic proportions by Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn. The social enterprise exists to give 100% of profits to help end global poverty through the sale of their consumer products. Thankyou was started back in 2008 by a group of three Australian kids from Melbourne with zero business experience and the shared belief that we all have the power to change stuff. Their journey is a bumpy and entertaining ride of gut-wrenching decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves into business, marketing, social enterprise and beyond.  
Chapter One is more than a book. It’s an invitation, addressed to you. To inspire you to challenge what you know and remind you that crazy ideas can become a reality. It’s also an opportunity to be a part of something big. Something that could change the course of history.
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What People Are Saying

Tim Costello<br><h6> CEO of World Vision Australia </h6>

Tim Costello

CEO of World Vision Australia

"This is a book for everyone… all of us need to remind ourselves that we can, as Gandhi said, be the change we want to see. We need to see every challenge as an opportunity, every setback as a chance to learn and do better."

George Saviddes<br><h6> CEO of Medibank

George Saviddes

CEO of Medibank

"The amazingly simple idea of Thankyou being the vehicle that enlists a whole generation to be game changers and lift the burden of crushing poverty from the lives of millions of people is the inspiring journey of this book." 

Steve McKnight<br><h6> Best-selling author & property investment expert </h6>

Steve McKnight

Best-selling author & property investment expert

"Aspirational. Inspirational. Motivational. This book will change your game for the better – forever." 

David Koch<br><h6> TV personality & business commentator </h6>

David Koch

TV personality & business commentator

"Thankyou's remarkable story shows the power of social enterprise. It's a tale that will inspire all generations and motivate you to get out and make a difference in your own special way."

Alisa Camplin<br><h6> Motivational speaker & Olympic gold medallist </h6>

Alisa Camplin

Motivational speaker & Olympic gold medallist

  "This is a book about pushing boundaries. It teaches you how to see things differently, it challenges you to test convention, to notice the world's limitations and not only wonder why they exist, but ask what you can do about them."

Travis Garone <br><h6> Travis Garone, founder of Movember</h6>

Travis Garone

Travis Garone, founder of Movember

“What the Thankyou team does is never settle. Not because a company brand book tells them not to, but because the fire to do so lives within their gut.”

About Daniel

Daniel Flynn co-founded Thankyou™ at just 19 with his then girlfriend (now wife!) Justine Flynn, and his best mate Jarryd Burns. They had a simple idea: What if purchasing everyday items like bottled water, food and body care products could provide life-changing solutions for the millions of people who live in poverty? Seven years on, Thankyou has been likened to the ‘Apple’ of Australia’s consumer goods industry thanks to Daniel’s disruptive and truly innovative approach to business and marketing.

Daniel’s goal is to inspire others to make their own world-changing dreams a reality. He believes that everyone has the power to do something extraordinary, and make a remarkable impact on the world.

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