Funding Goal 1

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Thankyou™ Baby - $600,000+

Every 90 seconds a mother dies in childbirth, while millions of babies die in their first month of life because of limited access to basic healthcare. That’s why we’ve been hard at work with some of Australia’s and the world’s leading experts to develop a game-changing range of top-notch nappies (disposable and reusable) and beautiful baby soft body care products, with 100% of the profits helping to fund health programs for mums and bubs in need.

We’ve developed the concepts. We’ve even got supermarkets interested in taking it (super exciting). Now for the final hurdle – the funding to launch!

Final testing and certifications - $120,000
Marketing / launch costs - $360,000
Game-changing secret announced on launch for baby range - $100,000

*$600,000 is a fraction of what’s required to compete with the big baby brands, but we’re not afraid of a challenge! To put things into perspective, the current market leader spends around $10 million a year in marketing. We were told the number one brand of nappies in the world has failed about eight launches in Australia, but with a small amount of funds and a movement of people we can pull this off.


If things go “ok”, we aim to raise over $2 million for infant and maternal health projects in the first 3 years.

If things go awesomely, we think we’ll be able to raise over $15 million dollars for projects in the first 3 years. Helping hundreds and thousands of mothers and babies in need around the world.

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